Final Performances - Don't Miss Out!
Hello friends, Tickets for our final shows are going fast so don't delay; we'd love to see you! Here’s the lineup: read more
2013 Tour News
Dear Friends, As we have been adding dates to our live show schedule for 2013, we have come to the decision... read more
Sales & Shows & Stuff!
Hello everyone! All of us at Cinematic Titanic thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your continued support, and wish you peace this holiday season, as well as a prosperous 2013... read more
"Rattlers" available NOW on DVD!
Hey everybody! We’re excited to announce “Cinematic Titanic LIVE: RATTLERS” is available NOW on DVD! read more
"Rattlers" DVD Trailer & More!
Hey everyone! We hope you’re having a fantastic summer, staying cool and away from combustibles. Check out our exciting news… read more
Cinematic Titanic Tour News - New Dates!
HELLO EVERYONE! We've all had a blast on tour this season, and would like to thank each of you who have come out to see us! Meeting you is always... read more
Cinematic Titanic in Hartford this Thursday Plus Store News!
Hello everyone! We’re excited to bring our show to the Belding Theater at the... read more
2012 Tour Info - Schenectady CANCELED
Hello everyone, Happy 2012! We'd like to thank everyone who has... read more
"War of the Insects" now available!
Hi Everyone, We are excited to announce... read more
New DVD! "War of the Insects" Trailer
Hi, Everyone! Remember way back in our last email we said we'd have a new DVD out... read more
A SALE and big news!
Hi Everyone! Hope you're having a great summer. We here at Cinematic Titanic have been enjoying our vacations but we're already... read more
Fiction's Frank
Here's part 4 of Frank's popular series, "Not Exactly a Fairy Tale" read more
Fiction's Frank
Part 3 of Frank's "Not Exactly a Fairy Tale" read more
Fiction's Frank
Part 2 of Frank's "Not Exactly a Fairy Tale" read more
Cinematic Titanic 2010 East Coast 3-City Mega Tour!
Next week we will be heading off to the East Coast for our 3-City Mega Tour. Our week kicks off Wednesday night when we will be guests on COUNTDOWN with Keith Olbermann... read more
It was like a cold splash of water to the face when I realized I had put fewer than 3,000 miles on my car last year. First off, the economics of it came screamingly into focus... read more
Have You Factored In The Alien Today?
Well, as you can see, we're assiduously keeping up with our irregular blogging! There are a lot of challenges to being a small, artist-owned and operated venture and social networking is one of them, including whatever part blogging plays in that! read more
Fiction's Frank
Submitted for your approval, a short story. NOT EXACTLY A FAIRY TALE read more
Detroit Mock City
I’m looking forward to going to Detroit for Friday night’s shows at the Royal Oak Music Theatre. I know, most sentences that start with “I’m looking forward to going to Detroit” usually end with a punchline, but... read more
New Shows Added And More Junk N' Stuff
So Cinematic Titanic has announced an additional date as part of our East Coast “tour” – we’ll be in Northhampton on April 15. So get your taxes filed and come celebrate with... read more
San Francisco Sketchfest: Postmortem...of Murder!
Well, the San Francisco Sketchfest has come and gone and we had a great time performing at the beautiful Castro Theater, which, in a strange coincidence... read more
CT at the Castro Theater in San Francisco
This Tuesday, February 2nd Cinematic Titanic will be performing LIVE at the Castro Theater in San Francisco. Doors open at 6:00 PM and the show starts at 7:00 PM. In the tradition of Groundhog Day we will... read more
Happy New Year!
Hope you had a splendid 2009. As you probably know, we at Cinematic Titanic have invested much of this past year performing live. And though there has been some speculation as to... read more
A Blog in the Form of a Vlog (enjoy, won't us?)
Fare the well, Windy City, City of Big Shoulders, Hog Butcher to the World!
Can we just say thanks again to everyone who came out to the shows in Chicago? And thanks a million to the crackerjack crew at the... read more
It's a Zooo-brize!
(Thank you, Squirm.) Zooooo-brize! It’s a blog entry!... read more
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