• July 12, 2021

Top Movies That a Millennial Should Watch

In terms of prestige alone, there are few movies that can compete with movies like Titanic and The Lord of the Rings. But, when it comes to popularity among millennials, it’s a different story. We’re talking about movies like The Avengers and The Hunger Games. And, with so many millennials watching these films, it’s important to consider which ones are worth watching and which ones aren’t. Which movies are the best? Not all films created for the millennial generation are created equal. Here’s a list of the Top movies that a millennial should watch.

Old retro movie projector with smoke and light beam

• When Harry Met Sally

When Harry Met Sally is a romantic comedy film starring Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal, written by Nora Ephron and directed by Rob Reiner. The story follows many of the archetypal love story plot lines, but it’s the humor that keeps the film grounded in reality. The film succeeds at conveying the essence of first-time relationships and the realities of sex, age, and friendship.

• Romy & Michelle’s High School Reunion

Romy and Michelle were two best friends from high school who reunite ten years after graduating. The film covers the girls’ relationship starting from the first day they met and ending at their 10-year-high school reunion.

Gone With the Wind (1939)

The 1939 film Gone with the Wind is a classic that has held up well over time. It stars Clark Gable, Vivien Leigh, and Vivien Leigh. The film is set in the southern United States during and after the Civil War and is a story about Scarlett O’Hara, a spoiled Southern belle whose family has lost everything in the war. She returns to her home in Atlanta, Georgia, finding her life in disarray. Scarlett is then forced into marriage with the much older Confederate soldier Rhett Butler, who is known as a womanizer. He nevertheless shows her compassion, and eventually, she falls in love with him.

• Rio Bravo (1959)

An old western film called “Rio Bravo” was released in 1959. The movie is about a gang of outlaws who rob banks and fight against a sheriff and his deputies. Most of the plot is about the gang trying to rob a bank and the sheriff trying to stop them.