• October 17, 2019

How Movies are Promoted Over Social Media

Marketing movies is very challenging. Movie production is at its highest and new films are coming out on the market all the time. With such hyper-production of movies, a good promotion is a must if the movie is to succeed in the competitive environment. Before the Internet, movies were advertised mainly through printed media such as billboards, posters, on busses, in newspapers or in the streets. As technology improved, and with the appearance of Internet, movies now can be advertised in some stunningly effective ways. Truth is that without good promotion on different social media, movies can hardly succeed in today`s environment. Today studios are spending fortunes on ads and campaigns conducted exclusively on social media platforms. The investment is well worth it because the higher the reach – the more profitable the movie will be in the box office earnings.

Movies and Social Media

            Social media platforms are great because they allow people to connect and share everything they want. Big movie companies also benefit a lot from using the social media because it gives them opportunity to quickly reach wide audience for best promotion of their movies. With the promotion comes bigger engagement and people start to talk more and more about the upcoming movies. That is great advertisement for the movies because the word of mouth spreads very quickly. It also gives the audience a chance to create a meaningful and strong relationship with the production studio that created the movie.

            We all know that social media has become an important part of people`s lives. Daily activities usually involve surfing online, browsing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube. These platforms offer tremendous opportunities for marketing, which has been immediately recognized by the movie companies. There is no denying that using social media is the most effective way for movie promotion. Studios can publish different types of content simultaneously on different platforms, reaching huge audiences in no time. The adult industry has also gone full into Snapchat. Pornstars are using the app to feature their Snapchat porn.  Today almost every single movie company, adult or mainstream, advertises their movies on social media because that is the number one way for successful promotion of a movie.

Ways in Which Movies Are Promoted On Social Media

  • Movie studios are creating dedicated online pages for their upcoming releases. These are very effective in establishing a connection between the movie and the audience. It also engages them in discussions about the movie and there are also movie updates that create buzz.
  • Sharing of content across all social media platforms is another way in which movies get promoted online. There are lots of movie forums and groups where movie studios share their content, give behind-the-scenes info, or provide blog posts about their releases.
  • Video marketing is another method for good promotion. Studios are creating YouTube channels where they make promotional campaigns for their movies, show interviews with actors, talk about their experiences when making the movie and so on.
  • Creating hype, buzz and publicity on social media is another effective way for movie promotion. All of that is a part of the marketing strategy of the movie studio to attract people to their films. By grabbing people`s attention online they are getting half the job done. They do this by sharing interesting stories about the movie, actors, or things that surround the story of the film.

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